What Does Drug Addiction Look Like?

2When you think of drug addiction in St. Petersburg, what comes to mind? Back alleys and shady characters? Maybe even gang members or homeless people? It might surprise you to know that drug addiction is something that virtually anyone at any socioeconomic level can suffer from. Drug addiction doesn’t just look like what you’ve seen on TV and in movies; it looks like a soccer mom, a college student, your next door neighbor, and your best friend.

Drug addiction often hides in plain sight, because it’s the last thing you expect to see. The good news is if you know what to look for, you can spot drug addiction and get your friend or family member the help they need. Here’s what to look for:

Changes in Physical Appearance

Bloodshot eyes, pupils that are larger or smaller than usual, sudden weight loss or weight gain, and changes in appetite and sleep patterns are all warning signs. Additionally, a deterioration of grooming habits and appearance as well as unusual smells on the breath, body, or clothing are also indications that something is wrong.

Difficulties at Work or School

People struggling with addiction may be able to function at work or school for a time, but eventually their addiction will make performing at school or work difficult, if not impossible. Problems at work or school in conjunction with physical indications often point to addiction.

Money Problems

Drug addiction is expensive. Someone who develops sudden money issues for no apparent reason may be struggling to pay for their habit. If a friend or family member asks to borrow money on a regular basis that may be an indication of an addiction.

While it’s a good idea to remember that all of these indications may have explanations other than addiction, it’s also important to make sure that if you see any of the above, you help your friend or family member get the help they need.