What Does Alcohol Abuse Look Like?

1Like drug abuse, alcohol abuse is not always obvious at first. While the word, “alcoholic” generally conjures images of sloppy drunks at a bar or someone passed out at a party, many times someone dealing with alcohol addiction looks like anyone else is able to appearing functioning for a while. Eventually though you will notice something is wrong. The following are common signs of alcohol abuse and are definitely a cause for concern:

A High Tolerance for Alcohol

Over time, someone who drinks heavily will develop a “tolerance” for alcohol. In other words, it takes more alcohol for that person to feel the same level of intoxication. If you’re at a party or social event and you see someone drinking far more than anyone else, that could be an indication of high tolerance.

Someone Who Has At Least 4 or 5 Drinks a Day

A glass of wine with dinner isn’t a cause for concern but drinking every day of the week is. Five drinks in a day is considered binge drinking and a problem, as is anything over 15 drinks a week for a man and 12 drinks a week for a woman.

Neglect of Obligations, Including Parenting

Some signs of alcohol abuse are obvious, such as morning drinking and frequent blackouts. However, others are more subtle. Often an alcoholic can rationalize their problem by insisting they never drink before 5 p.m. or they never seem to feel intoxicated. However, alcohol abuse can cause people to become neglectful of their relationships and responsibilities, especially with their children. If you see a family member or loved one spending more time drinking than doing anything else, there’s definitely a problem and you should step in and help, if possible.

Keep in mind that alcohol abuse isn’t always obvious. Look for the above signs and if you think you know someone in need of help, alcohol abuse treatment in Pinellas Park is available.