Substance Use Disorder Recovery in Largo, FL

At Recovery Resources of Florida, you are provided with all the avenues of care necessary for alcohol or drug rehabilitation. Our drug and alcohol dependencerecovery program begins with a comprehensive evaluation in which we talk with the patient and then create a customized care plan that gives them the best chance for a successful recovery.

Additionally, we provide recovery education services to both friends and family so they can learn more about their loved one’s challenges and can provide the love and support necessary to help them heal. Fighting addiction is a team battle, but our substance use disorder recovery facilities in Largo and Pinellas Park, Florida, help you put together a winning team.

Helpful Recovery Education & Assistance Programs

The road to recovery is always an easy one, but it is one you can travel if you are willing to give it a try. Our substance use disorder recovery program provides you with the evaluations, care plans, recovery education, and program counseling services necessary to overcome your addictions. We work with a licensed mental health professional to ensure you are able to not only beat your addiction now, but address the root cause that started you down your path. If we do not think we are capable of helping you after our evaluation, our team will refer you to a higher level facility that is capable of meeting your needs.

We Offer:

  • Comprehensive Diagnostic Evaluations
  • One-on-One & Family Counseling
  • Cost-Effective Outpatient Programs
  • Recovery Education
  • Medically-Assisted Detoxification
  • Chronic Pain Treatment Alternatives
  • Medication & Case  Management

If you or somebody that you love is suffering from alcohol or drug dependency in Pinellas Park or Largo, Florida, contact our substance use disorder recovery specialists. With a number of pain management clinics in St. Petersburg, our friendly team is ready to work with you so you can begin to put your life back together again.

Contact our substance use disorder recovery specialists in Largo, Florida, when you are looking for a way to overcome your addictions. Our friendly team is ready to work with you so you can begin to put your life back together again.