Motivational Thoughts to Get You Through Your Recovery


If you are struggling with pain, overcoming addiction can be an incredibly tough road. The good news is there are pain management clinics in Pinellas Park that can assist you on your journey. Having the right attitude and outlook is also an extremely important part of recovery, and the following motivational thoughts can help.

Take It One Day at a Time

Just as the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step, the road to recovery begins with one day. Contemplating years, months, or even just weeks without pain may seem like staring down an impossible goal. However, taking recovery one day, or even just one moment at a time is a doable. Remember, you’ll always be recovering.

Your Greatest Struggles Become Your Greatest Strengths

Muscles become stronger when you use them. Our character and personal strength are the same way. No one ever got stronger from an easy life. What you are going through now will help shape you into the stronger person you want to be.

We Are What We Think

This wisdom from Buddha applies to everyone but is particularly true if you’re battling addiction. Thoughts become action and action affects your life and those around you. If you think can’t do something, then you can’t. However, the flip side is also true that if you think you can do something, you can. Tell yourself, “I can do this!” Keep telling yourself that and it will be true.

Talk to Yourself Like You Talk to Your Best Friend

On the topic of self-talk, think about the things you tell yourself. Do you belittle and berate yourself? Now imagine your best friend is in your position. Would you say the same things to your friend that you say to yourself? Hopefully not. Become your own best friend and start being kind to yourself. It will help as you recover.

As with anything, just remember that this, too, shall pass. You will make it.